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Meetings are held in Canford Cliffs Village Hall, at the junction of Ravine and Moorfields Roads, Canford Cliffs, Poole (Map), at 2:00pm. Lectures may be available by Zoom.

2023 cont

Friday 17th March 2023
Wonderful Things - Tutankhamun, the Boy King, his Tomb and Treasurers

The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter was arguably the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. Our lecturer will explore the unusual tomb and iconic treasures, examine the design and decoration of the tomb and explain what has happened to the incredible wealth of funeral items found inside.
Lucia Gahlin

Friday 21st April 2023       AGM 1.45pm
The Empty Chair in Art from Van Goch to Ai Wei Wei.

We all use chairs! But over the past 50 years, artists across the world have been using the humble chair as a conduit for profound ideas on themes of protest, absence and memory, to domestic and everyday life .Our lecturer will discuss the many diverse artists and uses of chairs in paintings.
Angela Findlay

Friday 19th May 2023
Paradise Lost and Restored- 400 Years of Garden Design in Oxfordshire.

The history of English garden design can be told in different ways but rarely can it be told "through the lens" of one garden. Oxford Botanic Garden was founded in the 17th century and its design bears all the hallmarks of that period of time. We will learn of how head gardeners changed the features reflecting the art of gardening and occasionally the science of botany during their tenure.
Timothy Walker

Friday 16th June 2023
Post War Australian Art

Although Australian art is often overlooked, there is a large amount of talented and inventive painters who rose to prominence in the post-World War 11 era. This lecture will highlight those painters working in a naive and expressive style plus figurative and abstract expressionism, to give us an understanding of the modern art of Australia and its place in the history of Western art.
Paul Chapman


Friday 21st October 2022
Seaside Modern - Art and Life on the Beach

Something extraordinary happened to the British seaside between the wars: It became glamorous exciting and modern. Whilst holiday makers grabbed slinky new bathing costumes, Artists found inspiration on the beach, with glorious posters, eye catching art work and photographs.
James Russell

Friday 18th November 2022
Dale Chihuly and the American Art Glass Movement
American pioneers in glass technology from the late 19th century onwards provided much of the innovative tradition that brought about the birth of the Studio Glass Movement in the USA. Dale Chihuly is the prominent name in this context and the talk concentrates on his individual works and large scale exhibitions, such as that in Kew Gardens.
Scott Anderson

Friday 9th December 2022
The White Mantle of Winter - Impressionist Painting of Snow.

The Impressionist Movement produced some of the finest snow paintings in the history of art. Often painters such as Monet, Pissarro and Sisley would stand for hours in the open air to capture the subtleties of light and colour produced by a recent snow fall, recording the silence, beauty and grandeur of the landscape.
Julian Halsby


Friday 20th January 2023
The Art of Partying - A Feast for the Eyes

The depiction of partying has always been popular in the history of Western art; from Greek mosaics in the 2nd century, through weddings in the Bible and Renaissance allegories of refinement and excess; Our lecture covers peasant outdoor parties in the 16th century, 18th century harlequins, to the celebratory styles of 20th century painters.
Alice Foster

Friday 17th February 2023
George Chinnery, The Greatest Artist of British India and the Far East

This talk covers the many portraits that George Chinnery painted of leading figures of the East India Company as well as the beautiful scenes of everyday life and landscapes of India. We also learn of Chinnery's very colourful background and his constant need to escape his debtors.
Clive Stewart- Lockhart