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Meetings are held in Canford Cliffs Village Hall, at the junction of Ravine and Moorfields Roads, Poole at 2.15pm. (Map)

The October meeting includes the AGM and starts at 2.00pm.

We regret we are unable to admit guests this year because of seating restrictions in the lecture hall,.
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Friday 20th March
Augustus John - Drawn from Life: The Extraordinary Art and Life of Augustus John

We explore the extraordinary life of one of Britain's most exciting and outrageous artists of the 1900s. From promising artist before the war, his slow decline after it and his troubled status as the last Bohemian.
Mr David Haycock

Friday 17th April
A Tour of Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the world's most iconic buildings, it identifies the U.K. and democracy in the Western World. However there is a lot more to this Tower than the beautiful external gothic architecture and our lecturer will prove this to us.
Mr Tim Redmond

Friday 15th May
Picasso's Portraits

Squiggles, doodles, sketches, caricatures, drawings and ravishing portraits, this lecture highlights the life of Picasso through the lens of his friendships and loves. His varied and extensive career will be charted through a variety of media and we learn how the very essence of his sitters is captured in his unique way.
Dr Jacqueline Cockburn

Friday 19th June
The Genius of Antonio Stradivari

250 years after Antonio Stradivari's death, his violins and cellos remain the most highly prized instruments in the world. We explore the central mystery by following some of Stradivari's instruments from the workshop to the present day and hear some short musical recordings.
Mr Toby Faber

Friday 18th October - AGM 2.00pm
Followed by:
From Downton to Gatsby: Fashion Jewellery and Fashion from 1890-1929 Discover the extraordinary periods and events between 1890 and 1929 where the great fashion houses collaborated with the finest jewellers to produce outstanding opulence and design. Mr Andrew Prince

Friday 15th November
A Carpet Ride to Kiva

Exploring the revival of 15th Century Timurid carpet designs from Persian illuminated manuscripts, from a desert oasis in Uzbekistan. We discover the traditional role of the carpet weavers and embroiderers from Central Asia.
Mr Christopher Alexander

Friday 13th December
Dickens and Christmas: Dickens was the first novelist to use the words Merry Christmas.

Dickens was often referred to as Jolly Old Christmas because of his popular short stories, especially written for the festive season. Learn how he started the trend of the greeting Merry Christmas.
Ms Jane Tapley

Followed by Mince Pies and Sherry


Friday 17th January
Georgia O'Keefe and her Unique Artistic Vision
The legacy of some 900 paintings encompasses New York skyscrapers, sun-bleached animal bones and most famously her dramatic flower paintings. This lecture will cover Georgia O'Keefe's own unique vision of the natural world.
Mr Bernard Allen

Friday 21st February
The Bauhaus 1919-2019: A Hundred Years of Modern Design

Celebrating 100 years of the Bauhaus movement, where designers strove to create a design ethos for a brave new world, reflecting the demands of modern industrial life.
Dr Anne Anderson