Poole Pottery plate

Meetings are held in Canford Cliffs Village Hall, at the junction of Ravine and Moorfields Roads, Poole at 2.15pm. (Map)

The October meeting includes the AGM and starts at 2.00pm.

We regret we are unable to admit guests this year because of seating restrictions in the lecture hall,.
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Friday 15th March - 2:15pm>
From Posset Pots to Pew Groups: the Fashion for Collecting Early English Pottery
Discover English pottery which can be extremely funny but also naive, clumsy and downright ugly. This lecture will include a variety of curious objects from the 17th & 18th centuries to view.
Mrs Jane Gardiner

Friday 12th April - 2:15pm
Antony Gormley: A Body of Work

This lecture will look at some of Gormley's earlier and lesser known work, to give an overview of the development of his 40 year career, up to the present time.
Ms Rosalind Whyte

Friday 17th May - 2:15pm
The Queen of Instruments: the Lute Within Old Master Paintings

A look at the lute and other musical instruments, as devices to express various aspects of the human character throughout the ages in art. A live musical performance will be included in this lecture.
Mr Adam Busiakewicz

Friday 21st June - 2:15pm
The Seine Estuary: Capturing the 19th Century Imagination

We discover the host of artists who flocked to the picturesque harbour of Honfleur and its surroundings, to capture in Baudelaire's words " This green and rose vastness which goes to my head like an intoxicating drink".
Miss Carole Petipher

Friday 19th October - AGM 2:00pm
Followed by:
The Russians are Coming - Diaghilev's Ballet Russes Take Russia by Storm
Diaghilev's troupe dazzled, astonished and occasionally scandalised an essentially conservative audience, This lecture describes their overwhelming impact and influence on Paris.
Ms Thirza Vallois

Friday 16th November - 2:15pm
Treasures of the Silk Road
The silk road is the greatest trade route the world has ever known, carrying precious goods. It was also the highway for expanding religions and art forms. Discover the rich and varied treasures traded.
Mr Christopher Bradley

Friday 14th December - 2:15pm
Visual Illusions - Can You Believe Your Own Eyes
A thought provoking and entertaining lecture, where illusions will amuse, confound and challenge your self belief. Prepare to be amazed!
Mr John Ericson

Followed by Mince Pies and Sherry


Friday 18th January - 2:15pm

The Guggenheims: A Dynasty of Art Collectors
The Guggenheim name has become synonymous with some of the most inspiring art and museums in the world. This lecture looks at collections in New York with the artists who inspired them.
Mr Andrew Hopkins

Friday 15th February - 2:15pm
Micromosaics: Souvenirs of the Grand Tour of Rome

The mosaic artists of 18th century Rome invented a method of making tiny mosaics in glass instead of stone. Stunning slides under high magnification demonstrate the technicality invisible to the human eye.
Miss Judy Rudoe