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Meetings are held in Canford Cliffs Village Hall, at the junction of Ravine and Moorfields Roads, Poole at 2.15pm. (Map)

The October meeting includes the AGM and starts at 2.00pm.

We regret we are unable to admit guests this year because of seating restrictions in the lecture hall,.
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Friday 16th March - 2:15pm
The Odd Couple: the Gardens of Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll

Their joint creations of house and garden were the talk of Edwardian society. Separately they were interesting, curious, isolated - together they proved irresistible.
Mr Steven Desmond

Friday 20th April - 2:15pm
The Making of Landscape Photographs

A photograph requires as much devotion as a musical composition, sculpture, poem or painting. This lecture is about developing a frame of mind and understanding the landscape, not the technical elements in photography.
Mr Charlie Waite

Friday 18th May - 2:15pm
Tate Modern: you don't have to like Modern Art to Enjoy It!

A look at one of London's most exciting buildings and its collection of 'isms' - cubism, surrealism, minimalism and others, delivered in this lecture with lots of healthy humour.
Ms Linda Collins

Friday 15th June - 2:15pm
The Roman City: to hunt, to bathe, to play, to laugh - that is to live!

An architectural odyssey across the Mediterranean and the Near East. The Romans pursued 'happiness' with vigour and zest - and the City was their chosen method of achieving it.
Mr Mark Corby

Friday 20th October - 2:00pm
AGM 2.00pm
Followed by
Mdina Glass & Isle of Wight Studio Glass Michael Harris was one of the innovators of the international studio glass movement and transformed 20th century glass. This lecture examines his work and heritage.
Mr Mark Hill

Friday 17th November - 2:15pm
The Shakespeare of Art: Hogarth and The London Theatre
Hogarth portrayed the greatest actors of his day. He was a painter of exquisite taste and gifts and was a close friend of both David Garrick and his wife Eva Maria.
Mrs Frances Hughes

Friday 8th December - 2:15pm
The Inventors of Christmas

Our festive celebrations hold a special magic but where did they start? We look into the mists of time at the peoples who began these traditions.
Mr Alan Read

Followed by Mince Pies and Sherry


Friday 19th January - 2:15pm
From Flea Pit to Picture Palace: Cinema Architecture in Britain

From moving pictures and fairgrounds in the 1890s to the lavish palaces of the Odeons and Astorias, we explore the development of these buildings and vibrant culture of the movie poster.
Mr Andrew Davies

Friday 16th February - 2:15pm
The Art of Bloomsbury: Living in Squares Loving in Triangles

Artists, writers and intellectuals were united by friendship and love of many kinds. Painting was their most important art, but how good were they?
Ms Marina Vaizey